When to Get a Need a Dallas Tax Attorney

No matter how much you try to avoid thinking about them, your tax problems won’t go away. Sometimes, people “forget” to pay their taxes not because the amount they need to pay is hefty, but because they don’t really know how taxation works. Computing your income and expenses every year can be a daunting tax. People can lose sleep over it, and once the IRS is on their trail, things can get pretty emotionally draining. If this just sounds too familiar for you, you should definitely consider hiring a Dallas tax Attorney.

What the IRS is trying to do

The IRS doesn’t live to torture people. While sometimes they do go through great lengths just to collect tax money from people, you need to understand that they do this because that tax money is used for the good of the whole country. They’re used to fund the army, pave roads, improve government facilities, protect citizens, etc. When you’re representing yourself during a trial or a tax collection, you can get overly emotional and forget these things. However, when you do hire a Dallas tax Attorney, the discussion becomes more rational, minimizing (if not totally eliminating) the negative emotions during the whole settlement.

Protecting your rights

Aside from that, hiring a Dallas tax Attorney will help you protect your rights during the whole court proceedings. You need to understand that while they may not mean to cross your privacy rights, the legal representatives of the IRS will try to get information about you as quickly as they can. Sometimes, they may forgo channels and because of this, your privacy would be compromised. With the help of an attorney who specialized in taxation, however, you can be sure that none of these “shortcuts” are taken by the IRS. You’ll be able to defend yourself better against tax evasion accusations, and get minimal, if not no penalties despite the IRS’s charges.

How honest should you be?

While you’re on trial, you should be totally honest to your Dallas tax Attorney. Even if you are guilty of the charges, your tax lawyer can coach you on how to answer while you’re in court so the odds are mostly working to your advantage. If you’re afraid that the information you’re divulging to your lawyer may be used against you later on, don’t be. All lawyers are under confidentiality oaths. Your lawyer can never divulge any information you’ve shared to him/her to other people because of ethical reasons, and because you’re protected by a contract when you chose him/her to represent you.

Who needs tax lawyers?

Generally, anyone who is liable to pay taxes needs a tax lawyer. These are people who own properties, have jobs, earn money through their own business, etc. People who especially need tax lawyers, though, are those who are currently being investigated by the IRS because of tax evasion cases, those who are having trouble understanding “back taxes”, those whose bank accounts and payrolls are garnished, or spouses who are being dragged into their husband’s or wives tax problems.

Tax lawyers aren’t just needed during tax evasion trials. You may also hire lawyers for advice about how you can minimize your taxes, or how you can better keep track of how much you need to pay every year. Some people also hire CPAs (those who own businesses, anyway) to do the tax accounting for them.

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