Want Your Ads To Sell? Be Seen In A Publication People Really Read!

Want Your Ads To Sell? Be Seen In A Publication People Really Read!

I hear it every day. Somebody says, “I put my ad in such and such a place, which has millions of readers, and I didn’t get a single sale.”

Sometimes the problem is your ad. It might not be clear or exciting enough. Sometimes the problem is with the product or service you’re selling. People just don’t need it right now.

But more often, you don’t get results because people aren’t READING the publication.

Excuse me you say? Aren’t web sites, ezines, newspapers, and magazines designed for people to read? You might be surprised how many are hardly read at all. When subscribers don’t really read the issue, they don’t see your ad. And why is it your ad isn’t making sales? Because hardly anybody is seeing it.

That’s true much of the time for Google Adwords, TrafficSwarm, your local newspaper classifieds, even your Yellow Pages. With all the media vying for the public’s attention, nobody seems to have time to read all these things.

What is a business to do? Simple. Locate an advertising venue that people in your business REALLY READ. I mean they don’t just subscribe and toss it onto a coffee table in the lobby or a nightstand at home. No, they carry each issue around with them, read it, then RE-read it.

One phenomenal example of this principle at work is a little magazine that started around Dallas, Texas about 2 years ago. It did one thing and did that thing exceptionally well. The magazine profiled a series of self-made millionaires. Each millionaire told how they got the idea that made them wealthy, how they got the money to start, how they grew the business, and how they negotiated challenges along the way. ALL the details are right there in 90 pages of millionaire stories.

People can’t get enough of this magazine. From the very first issue, it flew off the shelves everywhere it was offered. Today the magazine is available in virtually EVERY bookstore and supermarket in America, making it one of the fastest growing publications in media history.

You can imagine how a lot of people would buy the magazine, read every story inside, then keep the magazine to RE-read again and again, perhaps for years. Details on how a real life person became a millionaire offers not only super entertainment, but holds the secrets for YOU to become a millionaire.

Now I come to the really exciting part of this story. Right along with all the articles, people who REALLY READ this magazine also read the ads. Hundreds of thousands of people, all highly motivated, read the ads over and over again.

I’ve talked with the businesses who advertise in this publication and they’re getting around 200,000 new prospective customers in THEIR CITY reading their ad. That kind of response from one ad can not only grow a business, but can make the business owner a millionaire.

It’s a remarkable story and one that drives home my point — for advertising results, put your ad in a place that YOUR BEST PROSPECTS PAY ATTENTION TO. The location must offer information the prospect values, can use now, and wants to keep coming back to.

Insist on this and your ad response will soar!

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