Tax Debt in Dallas TX: Don’t Let It Ruin Your Business, Get Help Today

If you own a struggling small business, you already know the government may not be overly anxious to help you succeed. Recent mandates to provide mandatory health insurance, and other regulations can make it difficult to remain solvent, let alone turn a profit. Most small business owners take care of the majority of office and clerical work themselves, or operate with family as co-workers. Your brother may be an innovative and motivated business partner, but may leave something to be desired in the paper work department. When you work within circumstances like these, it can be difficult to keep precise records, and misfiling and reporting on taxes can be an easy mistake to make. Mistakes can lead to audits, or owing more money at the end of the year then you have budgeted to pay. Tax debt in Dallas TX is common, but it doesn’t have to affect you.

Hiring a tax professional can help you make a plan to gradually reduce the money you owe without affecting payroll. It can also enable you to make smarter choices with your resources to avoid tax problems in the first place. Audits can be messy, with intimidating IRS workers in your office, requesting copies of every receipt from the past twelve months. What’s worse is the IRS can request documents going back several years, if they feel that there is a problem that warrants the inspection. Are you confident that you can handle this situation alone? Most of us can’t. The truth is that IRS employees speak a foreign language that even educated business owners don’t understand. Tax language is specific and multi layered. You need someone on your side who speaks that unique language when you are trying to deal with tax debt in Dallas TX.

A professional tax attorney is specially trained to protect you and your small business and explain exactly what is going on. A bonus of hiring this type of lawyer is that they can represent you in court, should the matter escalate and the need arise. Your conversations with them will also fall under the umbrella of attorney client privilege, so your business stays your business. The United States government is carrying a lot of excess debt right now, and taxes are one of their largest source of revenue. They are becoming increasingly more aggressive at collections, and if you think they will leave you alone because you’re the little guy you need to think again.

The best and most knowledgeable professional attorney to assist you with your Bankruptcy or tax debt in Dallas TX is at the Law Office of William Kunofsky. This notable tax professional and his employees are able to help with all your financial needs. If you know your tax return is likely to be audited, or are dissatisfied with the way a previous audit turned out, you need to call 214 369 1040. Schedule a consultation to see how having a professional tax lawyer in your corner can even the odds. Don’t let tax debt in Dallas tx sink your small business, get help from a tax professional today. Call William Kunofsky at 214-360-1040.

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