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POP Signs

POP Signs or Point of Purchase Signs is the signs we see at the checkout counters. The POP Signs entice customers to buy things at the last minute. Most popular items are candies and other stuff which are commonly not on the shopping list of groceries. They are also used to announce a new promotion, a new movie or remind customers to sign up for a sweepstake at the end of their shopping. It has been proven that POP Signs contribute 35% of the total sale.

Menu Boards

Menu Boards are used in Restaurants and fast food outlets. We custom design the menu boards. Contemporary style, old tavern look or basic lighted or non-lighted menu boards are manufactured at Sign Assign. We can also make Magnetic menu boards changers and backlit films.

New varieties are added all the times in menu and prices change all the time in restaurant. To change the whole menu boards is expensive and cumbersome to owner. We make the boards that are easy to change and are economical.

Event Signs

Event Signs are used to promote and organize a successful event. Sign Assign has helped many event organizers with their event signage needs. Pre event signs are helpful to announce and bring crowd to the event. Directional signs help attendees to reach and navigate through the event.

Sign Assign Dallas, Texas produce Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas which are manufactured using quality material and UL approved parts. We ship to anywhere in US.

Sign Assign Dallas, Texas is a manufacturer of Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas, Channel Letters Dallas Texas. We offer customized Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas, Channel Letters Dallas Texas for your business ideal excellent choice for high profile signage clients.

When you are doing business in the Dallas Texas area, contact the leaders – Wholesale Channel letters Dallas Texas.

Monument and Pylon Signs

Monument and Pylon Signs play very important role in attracting the customers. Driving on a road and looking for a place to stay overnight or feeling hungry, trying to find somewhere to eat. Motel or Restaurant sign by the road will get that customer. It is a proven fact that businesses with monument and pylon signs do more sales than the businesses that don’t have those signs. It can be for a single business or a multibusiness sign.

Cabinet Box Signs

Cabinet box signs are alternatives to channel letters. These signs are comparatively cheaper and are easy to install. The aluminum welded frame makes it very strong and sturdy to last for long time. It can be made in any shape, size and design. Make it a pole sign by mounting it on a pole, make it a logo box or store front sign. Light it up using fluorescent lamps, neon or led or it can be non-illuminated. Sign Assign can manufacture cabinet box signs tailored to your requirement.

Fluorescent bulbs of different sizes and neon were commonly used to light up cabinet box signs, both of these were high power consuming ending up in high bills for the businesses. LED technology has provided an alternate for both neon and fluorescent bulbs high electrical consumption. Regular Acrylic faces can be used for smaller signs, for bigger signs polycarbonate faces are recommended as they don’t break and are easy to handle.

Sign Assign in Dallas, Texas is a full Sign Service Company. We design, Cheap Banners in Dallas, install, service, LED Signs in Dallas and repair all types of Signs including Channel Letters, Neon signs, LED Signs, Business Signs Banners. Please visit and check out our cool stuff.

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