Looking For a Good Dallas Real Estate Investment? Try a Fractional Ownership

If you travel to Dallas for business frequently or if you have employees that need to travel to Dallas frequently for business then buying a fractional ownership in a Dallas hotel, condo or resort might be a better Dallas real estate deal than having to pay for a hotel or rent an apartment in Dallas.

If you are a business traveler and you know that you will be going to Dallas to do business at certain times, like the first week in the month, then you could save money and be more comfortable buying a fractional ownership in a Dallas real estate condo development instead of staying in a hotel.

When you buy a fractional ownership the condo or whatever piece of Dallas real estate that you are buying a fractional ownership in is your property for that specified time and you can arrive whenever you want and leave whenever you want without having to arrange for a late check in or an early check out or doing any of the paperwork that you would need to do in a hotel. You also don’t need to worry about booking a hotel and seeing what hotels have rooms available or staying in an uncomfortable room.

A fractional ownership condo or resort usually comes with all the services that you’d expect to find in a high class hotel like maid service, laundry service, parking, sometimes even meal or grocery service so that you don’t have to worry about buying groceries or getting food. So a fractional ownership in a Dallas condo would give you all the comforts of a nice hotel but without the stresses of a hotel.

Often too a fractional ownership can be cheaper than paying for a few days or even a week of staying at a nice hotel. Fractional ownerships are managed by Dallas real estate agents. Those Dallas real estate agents handle the sale of the fractional ownership and also handle any problems that come up during your stay in the fractional ownership property and are responsible for managing the fractional ownership property and making sure that it’s cleaned regularly and kept in good repair.

If you are an employer who has employees that travel regularly to Dallas for business then buying a fractional ownership through a qualified Dallas real estate agent makes a lot more sense than paying for your employees to stay in a hotel. You can buy a fractional ownership in a condo group or resort near the place where your employees will need to be and then you won’t have to worry about them getting to the office on time or having huge hotel bills.

Usually lodging is the biggest expense when it comes to business travel because most airlines will give business travelers a discount but hotel prices can be really expensive, especially if the employee needs to stay for three or four days. So talk to a Dallas real estate agent about buying a fractional ownership in a Dallas condo group or resort if you want to save money on your employees’ business travel to Dallas.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Jordan Hashem who is a leading expert in the Dallas real estate and Dallas relocation markets.

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