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Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US and the 3rd largest city in Texas. In 2010, the population of Dallas was approximately 6,500,000. Dallas is the largest economic center of the twelve counties in the metropolitan region of Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas. In 2009 the population of Dallas was approximately 6,500,000. The metropolitan region is the 4th largest in the US and the largest metropolitan region in the South.

If you are looking for a job because you are you about to graduate from one of the numerous colleges on the Internet or from a college in Dallas, it can put you in a difficult situation. As opposed to allowing the enormity of the situation overwhelm you, start specific and small. You should look in the obvious places like government employment service center but don’t stop there. You can always find employment in the Dallas Classifieds.

However, there are other places to look for a job. You should check out the job boards on the Internet which should be free. If any particular representative from any particular website asks for payment before releasing the job leads, go to another website immediately. Remember that whenever you are applying on the Internet it is very important that you follow up and contact the representative from that website. Following up is very important even if you send your application to the website electronically and even if that means that you have to send them another email reiterating your interest in the job as opposed to a telephone call. Regular and good follow up with their representative can set you apart from other applicants.

Another good way to find employment that is frequently overlooked is by networking. You should put yourself out there by talking to people. You should make an effort to strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you in a restaurant or on the bus. Because you never know when you might run into an ally during your job search, inquire what they do for a living. You should talk to all of the people that you meet throughout the day and all of your friends because they might know someone in your field or even be in it their selves. You should also make a list of all of the perspective employers in Dallas that you are interested in working for. You can accomplish this by doing some research on the Internet to find the correct contact name to address your cover letter to.

If all else fails you can always find employment in the Dallas classifieds. These classifieds list every kind of job imaginable.

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