Hosted PBX Dallas TX: How You Can Make Unified Communication Work For Your Business

If you have a company that needs its own dedicated communication system, a hosted PBX in Dallas TX may be a solution for you. This is a new form of communication relying upon VoIP, or Voice-over IP. This is very much like a traditional phone system for your company, except the communications are all transmitted over the internet rather than phone lines. How could such a system work for you? Here are a few things you need to know:

What is a hosted PBX network?
“PBX” stands for “private branch exchange.” The term goes back to the days when companies had internal switchboards to handle their local calls. A hosted PBX in Dallas TX is essentially the same thing, if a bit more high-tech. A hosted PBX offers a solution for in-company communication that saves time and money, and simplifies communications for an entire network of people. It also allows employees to stay connected to the same office network no matter whether they are.

What kinds of businesses benefit from PBX?
Say you have a small company without a large central office, or you have employees who work from home or travel on your behalf. While you may rely on personal phone numbers, it might be more professional to invest in a hosted PBX in Dallas TX in order to create a solution that is more convenient for everyone. A hosted PBX is a boon for any company with an outdated phone system, no dedicated IT department, or one with a dynamic and expanding staff. Hosted PBX can also connect a company with employees in multiple countries.

What kinds of benefits come from Hosted PBX?
When you run a business, communication between you, your employees, and your clients is key. Having a company phone system that is based in the cloud can go a long way towards saving your business money. The servers which host a PBX will be off-site, allowing you to move everything into the cloud. If you have employees who work outside of a main office or from phones not otherwise connected to your network, you will be able to seamlessly integrate them into your new system.

If you think that a traditional, land-line phone system is stifling your company and that you are ready to expand into the 21st century, consider switching to a hosted PBX in Dallas TX. Call OneCloud for more information today at 972-200-1385. Revolutionize your company’s communications.

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