Google Apps for Work: Google Apps Pricing in Dallas TX

If you have a business, Google apps pricing in Dallas TX is determined, in part, by the number of employees using the apps. Customizable Google apps for work include Web applications similar to software office suites used in the 1990s and early 2000s. All the Google apps you use at home can be customized for business. A company provides the domain name, and Google apps are tailored for your business. Since Google operates in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about IT infrastructure or software.
After deciding on a domain name, a Google apps solutions provider will help you with Google apps pricing in Dallas TX by selecting the Google apps appropriate for your business and customizing them for each worker or worker group (sales, accounting, research and development, etc.). The available apps include Gmail, Google Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Calendar, Slides and Sheets. Google apps integration replaces traditional office suites and interoffice email systems by letting employees work on your office communications system whenever and wherever they want. With customizable Google apps, employees have the freedom to work on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers in the office, at home, or on the road and stay connected with other employees. Your team can access documents minutes after they’ve been created using Google Drive – no more sifting through your inbox to find the right email or downloading huge attachment files. Google Drive solves document exchange problems, and allows collaboration at the click of a mouse. Employees can edit documents and submit them for review by other team members. Google Drive and Google apps for work eliminate most of the delays and excuses that hold projects hostage. Presentations, documents and spreadsheets appear on the cloud instantly and employees can review and edit them without waiting for emails, phone calls or Fedex.
Google apps pricing in Dallas TX is relatively simple. Google offers two packages – the basic and premium for business users. The packages include data storage and Sites, a website building option. Google apps charges a set yearly fee per user. Contact your local Dallas office communication specialist at OneCloud Networks to learn how to integrate Google apps with your existing communications system or replace your system with this online option.
OneCloud Networks offers office communications consultation, setup and information on Google apps pricing in Dallas TX. Call OneCloud Networks today at 972-200-1385 to learn more about our services. Our network operation center and corporate headquarters are located in the Dallas area, and we also have a New York City office.

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