When it comes to dry cleaning, we are all familiar with it from movies and TV, and we have all probably used it at least once in our lifetime, since this method of cleaning is very efficient and therefore used all over the world. Small laundry shops have made a transition to dry cleaners in most cases, and the “new” method makes their job easier and with better results. As we said “new”, we didn’t mean like it was invented yesterday, since dry cleaning has been around for decades, perhaps even centuries and people only improved the process down the years.

In the actual process water is not used, which gave the name “dry” cleaning, although laundry is immersed in a liquid, but which contains very little or no water. What is used instead is a chemical solvent, which has better results when it comes to removal of soil and stains, and most common of those solvents was called “perc”. Many dry cleaning companies still use it, but since the 1990s Environmental Protection Agency has declared this product dangerous and potentially cancerous, and it is used less and less.

Eco cleaning in Dallas

Dry cleaning Dallas companies have mostly accepted the new trends and ideas about the healthy ways in which the cleaning can be done, and they incorporated Eco-friendly methods into their everyday activities. Green products and the principles of sustainable living are everywhere around us and it is hard to stay immune to their call, so most of us decide to try the environmentally friendly products hoping that somewhere, somehow we helped our planet and that our own health will benefit from the use of such products and materials. Cleaning agents which are used in this method are all non-toxic and biodegradable, predominantly derived from sugar and fat, and with no volatile organic compounds, which means that they do not contain such dangerous elements like perc is.

What to expect from dry cleaning in Dallas?

As it is most other places, dry cleaning Dallas companies are trying to achieve the best possible results and to have customer satisfaction at the highest level. This is not always easy to achieve, since people can be very demanding, but if the job is done in a good manner there is no need for repairs or additional cleaning. Dry cleaning Dallas enterprises will accept your laundry, tag it accordingly and in a day or two your clothes will be as good as new, with no dirty sports or any visible stain. Additionally, while you clean your clothes, if you opt for the Eco-friendly version, you can start saving the planet at the same time, which could make you fill better about yourself, and since the agents used for cleaning are organic and non-toxic perhaps your actual health bar will experience a significant boost in the right direction. Lots of positives from dry cleaning your laundry in Dallas, so don’t waste any more time and drop your clothes off at the nearest dry cleaners shop.

Dallas Dry Cleaners enterprises will accept your laundry, tag it accordingly and in a day or two your clothes will be as good as new, with no dirty sports or any visible stain. Get more advice and other details, please find it at brantley cleaners.

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