Dallas SEO: Example of Winning Local Search Engine Marketing

SEO or search engine optimization is an integral part of Internet promotions today. Businesses have started to look more and more at the local market like businesses in Dallas are looking at focusing on Dallas SEO.

With competition and cutting edge technology, it is important for businesses to promote themselves and create a high visibility in their local area. This recent development can also been seen in Dallas as a research indicates that 95% of traffic are directed by the top 10 search engines. Hence Dallas SEO as a keyword and strategy is necessary. With the death of yellow pages and the rise of the internet competition and cost of internet advertising has skyrocketed in Dallas like in most big cities even in industries that until now were pretty traditional like plumbing, carpet cleaning etc…

It doesnt really matter whether your business is targeting a global audience or local audience. Even if you are promoting your services or product to a worldwide audience, you can still reach out to Dallas customers. At the end of the day, this will help in achieving two objectives:

1. A good brand positioning in the local and International market
2. Local market capture

According to search engine experts, 70% consumers in the last couple of months have searched the Internet for local service providers or businesses selling products. So it is important to make sure that your business gets the required amount of visibility through Dallas SEO, but the question is how?

Some of the top search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo display local businesses on the main results page as well as in the local results page. But then there are local search engines, which are basically Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs), review sites and business data aggregators.

Some of the best Dallas search engines include dalseek.com, hitsphere.com, metroplexdirectory.com, dallasweb.com etc. These are IYPs as well as highly effective Dallas search engines that can take care of your Internet advertising needs. These local search engine directories can help businesses to advertise on the Internet for a monthly fee, quarterly or annual fee.

Lets take an example. dallasweb.com has different types of local listings like superpages.com, where you can list your Dallas SEO advertisement for free. In the Business/Yellow page listings, you can add your email address and url for free while some other yellow pages will list Dallas SEO advertisement for a cost that can be anywhere between $ 110 to $ 300 depending on how much space you are looking to advertise in, the placement of the advertisement and the Dallas SEO content.

Most people search the yellow pages while searching for products or services available locally. So if you provide Dallas SEO information regarding your business, service or products, then the chances of getting the right traffic to your website will increase multifold.

Most of the users who are looking for local information will visit a local search engines first (IYPs) and then a global search engine like Google or Yahoo. It is more of a habit than anything else and this habit can do wonders for your business while a Dallas SEO company can do justice to your advertisement, or business profile.

But we are not just talking about SEO advertisements; we are also talking about SEO website. So before you put your website on the Internet, you need to choose a Dallas SEO company to work on your website contain and make it optimized for local and global search engines.

If you use keywords like Dallas products, Dallas services, Dallas business, then there is a high probability that your business will feature among the top ten on the global search engines and anyone looking for a product or service in Dallas will get to see your website. Some users search for local information with subject matter keyword coupled with the locality.

A user looking for car spares in Dallas will search the internet or local pages using Dallas car spares, car spares in Dallas, Dallas car repair etc. Some users who are already aware of your area code may search as: Car spares, Dallas 75212. The local search engines will pull out all the car spare companies in the 75212 zip code including your company.

This is a type of Dallas SEO information that will enhance the search option and help a user to find your website or business information with ease. So, you will need to specify locality parameters within the website content. You can even have your full address displayed on your website to enhance search engine optimization and drive traffic.

Moe Tamani is a consultant with leading Dallas SEO Services company and his expertise includes Organic SEO

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