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Dallas insurance rates are comprehensive and affordable. Particularly in the areas of renters insurance, motorcycle insurance, homeowners insurance, and commercial insurance, Dallas residents can expect to pay less on their premium costs without sacrificing the scope or reliability of coverage. TAHI agents specializing in Dallas insurance can help you locate discounts and recommend policy details that will indemnify your belongings, bike, home, and business with the best possible coverage on today’s insurance market.


Dallas, TX is becoming a metropolis of high rise condominiums and apartments, as well as new homeowner subdivisions. Many Dallas insurance agents spend a great deal of time proposing coverage for homeowners in the Dallas area, but very little time searching for ways to serve tenant occupants. But tenants can suffer loss from the same perils that affect owners. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter freezes can all cause serious expense without indemnification if the tenant does not have Texas Renters Insurance.

We can protect tenants against these types of storm perils, and we can also protect against fire, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, and liability claims. Renters insurance in Dallas averages $ 25,000.00 in content coverage for as little as $ 97.00 per year. You can also obtain content coverage amounts from one of our agents starting from as low as $ 15,000.00 ranging up to well over $ 100,000.00. After 30 years of writing insurance in Dallas, Texas Auto Home wants you to understand how good these rates are and how smart it is to protect yourself fully simply by contacting one of our agents for quick evaluation and processing.


Motorcycles replaced four wheeled vehicles in record numbers as fuel costs soared this last year. Dallas commuters, like commuters in all major cities, recognized the benefits of using motorcycles and scooters to get to work and school. Dallas insurance agents have long been insuring motorcyclists in the area due to the solid colony of experienced bikers, motorcycle builders, and custom shops. With more new bikers on the road than ever before in Dallas, insurance agents here at TAHI realize that they must offer policies for both sport motorcycle users and dual motorcycle users. Commuters and weekend bikers need rating processes based on their individual usage and driving category. Texas Auto Home applies discounts for experience, minimal usage, and motorcycle safety courses in an effort to offer the lowest possible rates to the bikers in Dallas.

Insurance agents in our office analyze specific coverage needs in order to determine if your bike actually needs complete physical damage coverage, or if it only needs liability coverage with additional theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, and fire damage. Our agents believe that in many cases this type of coverage for a 2005 Suzuki GSXR with 600 ccs can be insured for less than $ 336.00 per year. Payments can always be worked out through our office as well.


Dallas homeowners can count on our agents for all their home insurance needs. TAHI thinks it important to give homeowners a thorough analysis of their coverage needs before suggesting the specific coverage necessary. Texas offers a variety of policies HOA, HOA+, HOB and HOC all have distinct similarities, but careful scrutiny of home construction, age of home, and the interest of the homeowner may quickly distinguish one type of policy from another. Texas Auto Home Insurance believes in giving the homeowner the opportunity to itemize features of his home so that our team can determine best policy his or her needs. Explaining things like deductibles and coverage, along with such as additional structures and additional living expenses, are very valuable to the homeowner before the loss occurs. Premiums are discounted by a number methods, age of home, age of the homeowner, security features and renovations. Texas Auto Home Insurance expects to save Dallas homeowners as much as 30 per cent off of their current rates.


Texas Auto Home Insurance has watched the Dallas business community grow from plants and factories to a diverse community that ranges from small businesses up mega conglomerates that encompass thousands of square feet. We want to address some of the standard exposures facing business owners. Liability coverage is essential to every commercial entity because failure to protect any organization’s assets can quickly bring a flourishing business to an abrupt end. General Liability coverage and Commercial Auto Liability coverage are primary areas that have to be addressed before the business is launched and Texas Auto Home Insurance will make the process simple with clear definitions of coverage. Contractors, Manufacturers, Retailers, Service Providers, Office Professionals and Transportation businesses in the Dallas area should consult an insurance TAHI for a commercial insurance checkup. Our evaluation process is quick and thorough with a great opportunity for sizable savings. Home based business’s can find coverage for their equipment and Liability needs in many cases for less than $ 500.00 per year. Remember that our agency brings over 30 years insurance experience and a unique desire to personalize your insurance consultation.

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