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Dallas, Texas businesses need the best commercial insurance possible in order to give themselves the maximum protection against perils and recovery power from times of loss. While it is a fact that Dallas businesses can be adequately protected with basic and broad form commercial insurance, special form coverage will give Dallas business owners the best protection against both standard and uncommon perils.

Special form commercial insurance is specifically written to guard against uncommon perils that can cause certain types of Dallas businesses uniquely devastating losses.

Because of Dallas’s upwardly mobile economy, diverse industry, and geographic positioning on the southern border of the Great Plains, Texas Auto Home Insurance strongly recommends that all Dallas commercial entities invest in special form commercial insurance and give their companies every possible legal and ethical point. The higher investment is still affordable, and it offers far greater returns than the alternatives if a claim ever needs to be filed.

The following examples examine the many ways that special form commercial insurance helps Dallas companies cover against specific perils can severely slow down, or even worse, shut their businesses down altogether.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers need to insure their equipment against damage from fire, collision, and water damage. Basic and broad form commercial insurance will not always protect against liability claims filed by workers who might be injured by a piece of faulty equipment. This requires either a separate, or more extensive policy, to address this contingency.

Special form commercial insurance allows the Dallas manufacturer to protect under a single, clearly stated policy both equipment and personnel against unusual incidents resulting from damage, or harm.

Wholesalers and Retailers

Many retailers and wholesale distributors own their own warehousing facilities and require more than basic insurance to cover inventory and typical structural damages caused by inclement weather. Certain perils such as leaky sprinklers, broken glass, and even partial roof collapse due to North Texas tornados can create a mess for claims adjusters to sort out in terms of itemizing what damages were cause by which perils that may or may not be included in a basic or broad form policy.

A special form policy solves this problem by itemizing the nature of the facility and the details of its contents. It specifies both likely and unlikely perils that will then need to be covered in to give that particular wholesaler the maximum and most affordable protection possible.

This results in faster recovery time should a claim be filed, and it works toward more seamless processing of claims in the event that building and product damage do somehow occur simultaneously.


As Dallas’s economy grows, a variety of commercial contractors emerge as leaders in their particular field. Regardless of the size of the company, almost all use special vehicles and tools to perform their services.

Landscaping contractors can insure their automobiles, trailers, vans, and trucks all through Texas Auto Home Insurance. Commercial property coverage is also available through our agency in order to cover office and supply storage areas.

Special form commercial insurance can also help Dallas general artisan contractors protect their vehicles, tools, and business licenses against a number of liabilities resulting from injuries occurring on the job site or due to the operation of special equipment.

Repair and Maintenance

Repair services routinely go onsite to work on client vehicles, homes, and equipment. Texas Auto Home provides all necessary lines of commercial insurance to Dallas maintenance and repair companies.

The office, garage, and facilities themselves can be protected under a Dallas commercial property insurance policy.

Automobiles registered under the company name can be more extensively covered than they can be under a personal insurance policy. Commercial policies also can be written for trucks, vans, and trailers.

In the event that any advertising related to your services lands you in a Dallas court facing a false advertising claim, special form commercial insurance can and also protect against advertising liability coverage against judgments that could potentially result from the proceedings.

For three decades now, we have earned a reputation as being an excellent Texas agency in the commercial vehicle insurance industry–especially when writing coverage for smaller companies. For more info visit http://www.texas-auto-home-insurance.com/texas-commercial-insurance.htm and http://www.texas-auto-home-insurance.com

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