Dallas Chinatown Adventures

So, I warmly welcome Chinese speakers to my YouTube Channel. I originally planned to go to a place to take Chinese classes; e.g. a small school or language center. But, before I left my house my Mom asked me: Can you find a Chinese culture/Chinese language program? Because this year my Mom will adopt a little girl from China. She’s 4 years old. Right now I’m going to a Chinese-cultural… um…”life place”? I feel like I’ve arrived. Found it. It’s there. Hello, excuse me I’d like to ask you all Do you have Chinese classes? Chinese classes… Like, Chinese language courses? Yeah. Are you from China? I’m from Taiwan. Taiwan, cool! From where? Taipei! Taipei, naturally! …you’re afraid, this little girl might forget how to speak Chinese… …so you all want to allow her to continue to study Chinese. Yes. My “mission” was successful. I just saw a… So, this area has a lot of places to get Chinese food. I wanna… I wanna spend a little time looking around. This is totally Taiwanese food. Taro bread… This is all really soft kind-of bread. Because, Taiwanese people really like softer bread.

If you’re a Taiwanese person… …and you want to come to Dallas to look around, Or you want to live in Dallas, They probably have your kind-of food. I feel like this is a supermarket… Awesome. There’s no reason to come from Taiwan to America, And eat Taiwanese food. That’s strange. When I’m in America, I should eat American food. So, I found some “special” Chinese and Taiwanese foods: This. This. This. I’m glad I came HERE to buy it. So, if you all come to a place that has Chinese food You MUST buy this: Sesame Buns And, you should try this: Taro Buns “Taro” For Taiwanese and Chinese, this is an essential product, right? But it’s a little expensive. $36/$37 USD If you’re an American, or you want to go to a Chinese supermarket (a supermarket like this), These are some things you MUST try: Taiwanese people REALLY like eating these…eh… They’re okay. Okay so this is a famous fruit. [Probably] the most famous fruit. When you cut it, cut it carefully.

Because, inside it smells TERRIBLE. A little funny: they have like 5 billion different types of dumplings. Yeah…I don’t like eating these. But, if you’re Taiwanese… You probably like to eat them. Good luck! I live in Taipei. Oh! He’s Taiwanese. Yeah my friends always make fun of me, make fun of my accent. Accent? It’s totally fine! So, today I practiced speaking Chinese. I found a Chinese tutor, And I found a Chinese teacher for kids. Which will help my mom during the whole adoption process. So, I feel like today’s “mission” was a success. Okay cool. Vlog over—BYE!.

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