Commercial Cleaning In Dallas TX: Keep Your Business Germ-Free

Flu season is coming and that means your business could be hit hard by germs. When you have great commercial cleaning in Dallas TX, you can minimize the amount of sick days your employees take so that absenteeism and a generally unhealthy atmosphere for your customers doesn’t jeopardize your business. In addition to relying on commercial cleaning in Dallas TX, you have to make sure that your employees practice good cleanliness habits like keeping sneezes and coughs covered and washing hands often. Unfortunately, in the close quarters of an office or other business environment, all of your employees can have access to every area. This means that one sick employee can infect others by touching the same items in the office, bathroom and breakroom.

And just when you think that the toilets and toilet handles in your business are the biggest breeding ground for communicable diseases like the flu, they are sanitized more often so they’re actually cleaner than almost everything else in your business that people come into contact with. Telephones, desktops, light switches, door handles, refrigerators, coffee pots, keyboards, copy machines and elevator buttons are usually cleaned less frequently and retain more germs that can spread illness. So, how can you help the company that does your commercial cleaning in Dallas TX keep your business germ-free?

1. Remind employees of the importance of handwashing and sneeze-covering.
2. Make sure they know that taking a day off when they’re sick is better than coming to work and infecting others.
3. Encourage them to get flu shots every year.
4. Ask them to skip handshaking whenever possible. If they must shake hands, ask them to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
5. Provide your employees with antibacterial wipes to allow them to clean their own phones, keyboards and desktops.

When you hire the right company for commercial cleaning in Dallas TX, you can be sure that they will have trained their employees in the proper cleaning of your business. They will pay special attention to frequent touch-points like door knobs, phones, keyboards, light switches, stair rails, faucet handles and, of course, toilet seats and toilet handles. They will also know how to use the right disinfecting cleaning products for each area of your business and they will know the proper dwell times – time the cleaner must remain wet – for each product. Most importantly, they will be thorough and will clean every area of your business you want them to, every time they clean.

At Bell Janitorial Services, we care about the cleanliness of your business and we know how to keep it a clean and healthy environment for you, your employees and your customers. For that reason, we would like to be your first choice for commercial cleaning in Dallas TX. Call us today at (214) 699-4565 and visit us at to learn about our services and how we do business.

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