CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys: 2020 NFL Draft Analysis

To many the top wide receiver in this year’s class is CeeDee Lamb and it’s hard to question that he’s been producing since his freshman season in 2017 and his production only got better and better during his three seasons at Oklahoma that gave Lamb both a strong breakout age and dominator rating which measures the percentage of production a player has for his collegiate team the one knock on Lamb might be his leaner frame since he waited in 198 pounds at the combine that makes finding a comparable a little bit difficult a DeAndre Hopkins comp does make sense but Hopkins also has about 15 pounds on Lamb so while he has a chance to make that type of NFL impact and even though he deserves to be a first-round pick a more reasonable comparable is another leaner but effective wide out from a handful of years ago and that’s Sidney Rice we should expect more out of Lamb than what we saw out of Rice though

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