A Variety Of Dallas Cowboys Merchandise

Dallas Cowboys merchandise are among the best-selling in any sport, but particularly popular among football fans, even those whose first-choice favorite might be another team. That’s because the Cowboys are one of the most successful and storied outfits in all of football history, and it is memories of this kind that are evoked by all the varied forms of Dallas Cowboys merchandise offered on the market, from clocks and towels to clocks and even license plates!

Perhaps the most popular form of Dallas Cowboys merchandise to be found on fans and collectors are team jerseys, particularly those bearing the specific roster number of their favorite player. After that, however, must surely be those products bearing pictures, photographs or illustrations, of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! No other team in American sports fields a cheerleading squad that is a veritable franchise in itself.

It was purposely created to capitalize on female sexuality and boost in-game attendance, and its genius was to offer an “All-American” look and feel that played nicely not only nationally but around the world as well. For many foreigners, a real American girl was somebody like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, fun and fit. In the United States, their popularity lead to two made-for-TV movies about the squad along with other media like annual swimsuit calendars.

Oh, yes, and as for the team itself – it was the first modern-era expansion team, and can boast of many notable achievements as a business entity. But obviously, no one buys team merchandise on the basis of business innovations, and even the venerable cheerleaders would be just another squad were it not for the club’s stellar performances on the field.

Founded in 1960, just ten years later the team became a serious national contender, and by the end of that decade was the undisputed “glamor team” of the entire sport, with a cheerleading squad that epitomized what an American girl should be like and winning players and coaches who embodied American can-do.

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